On a sweltering 40 degree summer day a man standing on the crossroads had left behind his home, his job, his life to Meditate in the heart of Australia and learn from an Elder. He sat and reflected on his relinquishing of all the mod cons of city life, no money, no security and no direction just an Acoustic Guitar and a dream of something more. As he plucked the strings on that fateful day he found the rhythm to his rhyme, he found his calling, he found the music!

Coastal/Country/Roots singer-songwriter Adrian Thomas blend of uplifting, lyrically driven songs, and sweeping melodies will inspire, challenge and open the heartstrings. Drawing inspiration from his Polynesian/Melanesian roots, his numerous youth/community projects and a passion for bringing us together Adrian bridges the familiarity of the old with the vibrancy of the new, dishing out seductive poetry with his deep powerful voice.

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