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On a sweltering 37 degree summer day a man standing on the crossroads had left behind his home, his job, his band to spend 8 months in the bush and the heart of Australia meditating and learning from Indigenous Elders. He sat and reflected on his relinquishing of all the mod cons of city life, no money, no security and no direction just an Acoustic Guitar and a dream of something more. As he plucked the strings on that fateful day he found the rhythm to his rhyme, he found his soul, he found his calling, he found the music!

With beautiful lyrics and stories that arouse hope, empowerment and a strong connection to the land, Adrian synthesizes an earthy, uncomplicated sound and dishes out seductive poetry with his deep, soulful voice. Blending uplifting, lyrically driven songs with sweeping melodies, his versatility in delivery of upbeat songs inspire and challenge, whilst his ballads open the heart strings.

Drawing on a plethora of life experiences, his songs cover everything from current social/political issues and navigating through the game of life, Adrian’s musicianship is raw/blemished and uncompromising, reflecting his humble beginnings and his connection with the Battlers. Adrian Thomas’ music uses the familiarity of the old with the vibrancy of the new to create distinctive, passionate, timeless, tunes.

Born to a Fijian Father and an Aussie Mother who passed when he was just 2 years of age, he and his older brother were raised in foster families throughout Melbourne. After reuniting with his father at age 7 Adrian and his 5 other siblings grew up in Housing Commission areas of the Gold Coast. In the absence of a mother figure Adrian took on many of the traditional roles cooking, cleaning and preparing his younger brothers for school. Experiencing a tumultuous childhood, Adrian learnined valuable lessons, gaining insight into the struggles of the poor, marginalised, working class and following a near death experience at the age of 18 made the decision to leave behind an imminent life of crime.

In his own journey to find answers Adrian has spoken in tongues with the Christians, Meditated with the Buddhists, drank Medicine with the Shaman, sat with Indigenous Elders and reconnected with the Jungian Divine Child. Realising through his search that we are all cut from the same cloth, learning to accept what makes us individual and what we have in common.

A Graduate of the CMAA Academy of Music, Gympie Muster Emerging Artist in 2016 and Boxhill Tafe in 2015 where he was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award for excellence, also a Black Belt in Wing Chun Kung Fu training under Grandmaster William Cheung (Bruce Lee, IP Man) Adrian helps build foundations in the next generation of young people through Martial Arts , Music and Community Development Programs for the under-privileged “My Dream is a world where we encourage understanding, support and give everyone equal opportunities to reach their full potential”.